What program for Editing Sound/Music?

So i did really bad in my Foley class i took once ._. i have trouble with the idea of building sounds out of other things…

But even so, i still got to try for my animations from blender, and i was wondering what programs people use to edit sounds? cause i really don’t have a clue how.

I don’t mind paying a couple bucks for one so don’t think i’m only looking for free here.

Being able to edit music a bit would be kind of neat 9-9

Let me know what you use for sound editing :slight_smile:

I like Audacity :slight_smile:


I don’t do a lot of sound editing, though, mostly very light stuff for when I try to make animations. It’s got what I need, however, and definitely more :slight_smile:

www.reaper.fm is one of my favorite DAWs.

For editing sounds (you plan to work with later) SoundForge is a solution and it is cheap.
For composing you have various options, depending on your skills and workflow from loop-based composing to MIDI-based ones (and its mix). ACID, Reaper, PreSonus One, Cubase, Logic (on Mac), Sonar… Grab a trial and test them.