what python version I use on blender 2.53?

Im trying to use the BGE on blender 2.53, but when I press p the BGE simply crashes, i think that maybe is because of my python version, the 2.53 uses a different python of the 2.49?

Blender 2.53 uses python version 3.1

thanks Lethun.
I just installed the 3.1.2 version of the python but the blender keeps crashing, and i dont know why, if I press p even on the defalt scene it crash.
And one more thing someone knows how to c reate a runtime on the new blender version, because I dont find the option on the file menu.
Im trying to press p on this simple mesh and the blender crashes.

Unfortunately the “Compile as Runtime” option has not yet made it back into 2.5 :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as the crashing game engine, I don’t think it has to do with your python version, as I think most of python 3.1 is bundled with Blender 2.5. You could try a different build to see if the problem goes away.

OMG :(.

Python 3 is horrible imho… Of course, comparing side-by-side, it’s better than 2.x, however, it’s not THAT better (almost the same) and its just a minimal little bit better at cost of total backward uncompatibility :(.

Imho, the changes doesn’t worth the uncompatibility. If they were going to break compatability, they should’ve changed much more things. It’s catastrophic,I planned to stick with 2.6 until 3.x-series reaches version 3.4-3.6, however, unfortunately it seems that i’ll have to switch earlier, because i want to use Blender2.5 for production as soon as it arrives :(.

Sorry my english

Oh shoot, i dont believe that the beta version is that far from work properly, I thought that the beta should work as blender 2.49 at least. Well i hope the 2.6 surprise us.
Thanks for your replyes.