What Shader package(s) should I buy?

Out of all shader packs on https://www.blendermarket.com, which one should I buy?Currently I’m trying to decide between these three:option_1, option_2, option_3.

What are your thoughts, which one would you choose and why? If you have better options on your mind, feel free to tell me.

Which to buy would be largely dependent on your work needs I suppose. I just do this for a hobby and purchased the CMV when it first came out. I’m quite happy with it. I picked it up as both a quick way to texture things (of course), and as well as something to learn from.

I’m not sure I would buy it again simply because I don’t use a lot of the hair/tile textures for the kinds of things I typically do.

One big plus on the CMV is when I have concated the dev for help they were very responsive and helpful.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. Even to me that looks like a clear winner. Hope I’ll hear some more answers from someone else before I make a big decision.

This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but I’d for go the material packs in favor of a decent general purpose PBR material.

In my setup, I use the same material for every surface in a project (and no, it’s not an ubershader) The idea behind it is that almost any material you can think of can be described with just 4 attributes: color, normal, roughness, metalness. There’s a little more to it then that, but in short, with the right setup, you can plug in the corresponding textures into these 4 attributes to create just about any material.

Now I created mine for use with Substance Painter, but even without Painter, there are tons of sites that sell high quality color/normal/rough/metal maps.

So rather than spending $85 to get access to the 5 materials you’ll probably ever use in a material set, create your own versatile shader, and spend your money on texture sets to feed it.

Heck, I’ll even help you on the right path if you need it. I’m very passionate about shaders and materials.

Well you do have a fairly good point cgCody, but you need to realize that I’m intending to use shaders for selling my objects on TB-squid. I’m primarily focusing on modeling and I really don’t have time nor will to download multiple types of textures and plug them in to see what works and what doesn’t. I need something that will enable me to just plug in and render my models with fairly good results. And I think that CMV Volume 1 pretty much offers that. Although, ShaderWorks also seems like a good alternative. Besides, such quality shaders from CMV Volume 1 will allow me to justifiably increase the price of my products and they will be quite a catch for the customers eye.

To summarize, If I were really good with node setups and textures in Blender I would probably stick with cgCody’s idea. But since I’ve only started to get to know cycles and stuff relating to image manipulation only last month and I’m also attending college right now, I really don’t have to time to tackle with that kind of stuff as much as I would really like to. I need to make money somehow and I need to make it fast, I can only take little bit of time to model and that’s it. Let’s not forget that there’s also a process of rendering multiple images for representation of your products on sites like TuboSquid, and that takes considerable amount of time.

But I will definitely start to use and rely on my own custom shaders and textures in the distant future. Unfortunately, that will probably take 6+ months of work.

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Blender Cloud (textures)

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Burnin, that is an advanced version of what cgCody was talking about. Hmm… looks like I’ll have something to think about for a while now. The choices are fairly large and different from one another in terms of quality and price.