what should I do before uploading a game for BGMC?

I actually finished a game, and would like to enter it the contest. I’ve got all my textures, sounds in their own folders. But I used a stencil mask on my terrain. using 3 textures. should I bake that to a new image, and delete the textures and normals I used in the mask. Or would it be OK to send it as is? Without baking the textures. I don’t want to mess anything up. I moved the folder to a different place on my PC, and everything works. But when I moved it to an old weak PC, the textures only showed the normal maps. I used UPBGE 2.78.

your textures, sounds and all that stuff wont show up this way.
go to Files> External Data> Automatically pack everything in Blend.
now save it
now even if you delete the texture, sound files from your pc, they still are inside your blend.
now select the folder with all your bgmc game files> (make sure you have WinRar or 7zip or any other compression extraction software) Add to Archive (make a zip file of that folder, google it if you’re not sure you know how to do it)
And that’s it!
now just upload your game in your google drive or dropbox and post the download links with a thread like BGMC 26 YOURGAMETITLE

I’ve got all my textures, sounds in their own folders

this is the right way, but the pain in this is you need to set all paths relative to the files.

i had some troubles as well in the beginning.
I had to go trough all the sounds and textures etc that i used to get the right paths, to do this place all your folders + blend in 1 folder.


my_game is the folder, now put all your sound/texture/etc folders + blend in there. Now open your blend file and go trough all the textures/sounds/etc. and select the right ones from your my_game folder. Do not use the fast acces maps/menu when opening a texture just navigate to lets say c:\my_game extures\your_texture, and when you have done that for every single texture/sound, save the blend and it should work. To test if it works, copy the my_game folder to an other HDD and launch the blend, if all went good it should work without a problem.

The path to a sound or texture should look like:
//textures\your texture.png

and not like

I actually use a completely different install of blender just for my game project, where all of the resources are in one folder located in my ‘home’ folder or ‘C’ drive so I do not have to go through a giant search to find it if I need to add something…

Pay attention to what Cotaks says here...it is 100% valid.

I think I remember now why I don’t upload blender games. LOL. Whata pain. OK, I’ll go trough all the files as Cotacks suggested. . . I don’t want to start a flame war. . . But in Unity it’s so easy, just add all your scenes, and hit a button, done. . .OK . . . So I linked some shrubbery and stuf to my terrain scene and Lib loaded that scene to to the First person shooter, will that work on every ones PC?

If you libload or link, you need to distribute the files that are libloaded/linked from as well. Again, make sure paths are preserved.

  1. When starting a project, create a folder for it. (I highly suggest that you use git or svn or some other VCS on this folder)
  2. When adding assets/image/sounds, makes sure all assets are inside that folder. Make sure all paths are relative to the project folder
  3. To distribute, remove all blend1 files and zip the folder.

If you didn’t do this:

  1. File -> external data -> make all paths relative. Save
  2. Create a folder
  3. Move blend file into folder (this will break all external assets)
  4. Open blender. if it complains about a missing library file then move the file into the project folder and use File -> ExternalData -> Find missing files. Point the file chooser at the project folder. Or go through the file manually (eg the replace image button). The outliner can help track down missing assets and where they are used.
  5. Repeat until blender stops complaining about missing files.
  6. Rename the folder again, and open blender/run your game. Make sure everything is correct. If necessary, go back to step 4.

So long as you manage your assets from the start, distributing your game isn’t very hard.

I feel your pain…I have been having a hard time making the switch myself…
The good news.
…we no longer have to export to unity…and you can just edit everything on the fly :)…much faster workflow.

Cool. :slight_smile: I’m using UE4 now, maybe I’ll try Unity again. But I really love Blender. . . I used the “save as” on the images to save to the texture folder, all textures are there. Still having problems with the stencil mask, it only wants to show the normals. I baked it to a new image and re asigned it. still only normals. then I deleted the normals and the textures all show when I copy the folder to my weak PC. I wonder if it’s a limitation of my weak PC. Everything looks good on my gaming PC. Oh well, I really appreciate all the help.

(I highly suggest that you use git or svn or some other VCS on this folder) How do I do this? Yeah I copied and pasted the game folder to a different PC. Everything is there, and lib load is working. but I didn’t do the “make all files relitive” I’ll do it over . . . it’s The stecil mask that is killing me. LOL (see above post) Don’t look as good without the normals.

blender can be picky about images that you save out or internal data blocks…it is one of the best worst things about blender…I try to create blank textures(well labeled)in other software and reimport them to avoid that exact issue…I have had it often enough.

Yeah I’m giving up. I’ve tried everything above, but the the textyres are showing the normal map on the terrain, even after I baked it. I don’t have any time left to sort this out. It’s starting to snow here, and Ihave things to do. Thanks for everyones help. I’ll figure this out. But not any time soon.

Funny story . . . It seems that I was using the wrong blender build to test my game. I used UPBGE 2.78, and mistakenly used 2.78 on my weak computer. So of course the textures didn’t show. I always move any games I make to a weak PC to see how the game plays. . . So I had the game correct all along. . . But messed it up trying to fix something that wasn’t broke. . . I t’s funny now