What should I make?

I’m bored, and I’d like to make something for some texturing practice. Tired of guns and characters, need some suggestions.
What should I make?

what type of textureing?

do a… steampunk carriage; OR a small creak flowing through an underground eco system, with lots of bioluminescent shrums! and don’t forget the many legged crawling creatures that look surprisingly friendly once you get past the fact they could eat you whole. but don’t worry too much, at the moment they are too busy trying to not be eaten themselves by the carnivorous plants which catch them with roots that lay on the ground until they brush against them and then the root curls and drags them in to the main plant…

kinda the whole nature is cruel, yet beautiful at the same time.

Game texturing. And I really meant one object, just something small that I can focus on.

how about…a Super Mushroom? :smiley: it’s small and fast, and you can use UV Texturing on them - plus, you can make them fairly low-poly, I think, so it would work for the BGE

I guess I should have been more specific. Something I could make in a realistic style. A better challenge, you know.

oh…sorry :slight_smile:

Build a camera. Or a cow. Nobody models cows.

Model something that you can see from your computer. Try to make it as realistic as possible.


Good research roofoo!

I still think a bioluminescent mushroom would be cool, and if you did it kinda in the style of the Myst/Riven/Uru/Myst/whatever they’re on now games it could prove to be quite the challenge.

but yeah, when people ask for inspiration I just share a general idea, you still have to find something in that, or use it as a starting place to find something you do want to try. Nobody’s going to read your mind and tell you want it is that you subconsciously want to model. that’s why I developed a system for when I lack inspiration, it goes through my mind something like this.

first idea: mushroom, ok that’s not all that cool of an idea, been done a million times. what would make it special… underground, that’s logical… but I can’t see it then… make the mushroom my light source to see it then. ok cool so now I have a scene in which mushrooms are my lights… what else would be in there, well for it to be alive it would need water, maybe there’s a natural hot springs… what kind of rock formations would that lead too… ect…

I’m sure there is some official basis somewhere for this type of wandering question asking then answering, but I’ve come up with this myself over the years. I don’t know about other people but this event here, the creative conception of an idea, is the only thing that keeps me in art to begin with. without the draw of this art wouldn’t be much more exciting then a banker’s job for me. Sure I love the satisfaction of mastering a particular skill, who doesn’t.

Anyways all this rambling is to say, don’t get lost in the technical of an art form and forget the joy of just making stuff up.

Edit: apologies for my writing while in creative mode, it’s very non sequitur style slightly confuses me now that I read it. but eh, I’m an artist who’s ADHD, dyslexic, and generally not to good with anything outside of idea’s in my head and my fingers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a T-Rex. That is all.

What you need is a glowing cheese. It has to have teeth you know, and a personality as well. No one wants a passive cheddar. It must be frothing at the rind with eyes aglow, looking for that piece of bread and some crispy bacon.


I normally can’t work on things suggested by other people for a long while. Stuff, I usually find out and develop are what keeps my spirit alive :smiley:

Why not try a butterfly? Lots of things to texture on it.