What should I use for modeling?

I’ve drawn up some sketches for a character i want to make:

I have the sketches uv mapped, what do you guys suggest I use to model something simple like this?

I plan on rigging him also.

I suggest using a non-broken link. :smiley:

sorry :frowning: , its working for me…obviously :wink:

go here…

Its in the ‘crit’ folder.

no such folder

You need to make the ‘crit’ folder viewable publically. You do this by going to the folder in yahoo briefcase, and clicking on edit setting…

Personally I think yahoo briefcase and yahoo photos sucks for sharing files publically… But it does have a cool email function, which sends an email with a link to the file. Then you can share anyfile. I don’t know if it will work, but you could try emailing yourself the file, and then pasting the link it gives you in the email into your post> I’ve never tried it…

Maybe you should get some proper web space, it works far better… Have a look at: http://iptic.com/test/html/community/community.htm you should be able to get 50mb of free ad free web space there.

Next time you use yahoo photos, test the link by logging out of yahoo and then trying the link. :smiley:

Sorry about that. :frowning:

Try it now:

Thanks I signed up a Iptic.

I’d use subsurfs for something like that.
Well ok, I’d use subsurfs for anything. But this looks smooth and simple so it should be pretty easy.

  1. pofo

I started with a cube, but even subsurfed, it has a boxy look. Should I just create faces as I go? Instead of extruding.

Use sub surfs…

Start of the body with a cirlce with about 6 vertices, and use a subsurver division factor of about 3 or 4
Extrude the circle up about 3 or 4 times, and then you will have your body.
do the same with you arms… etc…

have a look at this .blend file: