What to do After Modeling?

Guys, what typically comes next after modeling?

I’m planning on making a character model, but i think i messed up, i made texturing right after modelling?

Should i have done rigging first before texturing? or is there a workaround if you need to add another edge loop, or any cut, and still get the texture to work with the uv map the same.

model>uv>texture>>>>>>>>>>>>>< rendering>>>>>compositing

This assumes that the weight data is tied to the goemetry mesh. If your weight data is independent from the asset meshes (as in volumetric bone calculations), rigging and animation can start at the same time as modeling almost. If not, you can still start rig process as early as the modeling step but you will need to wait until the model is done so you can lock the asset and move to weight and rig steps. The bone rigging does not have to wait the meshing, you can work on the actual bones, you just cant apply it to the mesh, to be sure.