What to do after splitting the window?

Hello everyone, new to this forum! And Blender! so anyway, I want to open up the buttons window, however, after I split a window I get lost as to what I do.(I kinda wanna paint here) By the way, as I am a bit too new to this, what do I click? when I click on the icon that opens up to a list of stuff (python console, node editor, 3d view, e.t.c.) “Buttons” does not show in there. So can anyone tell me what to do?

(I’m using blender 2.5x, if that helps)

[http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/c681e8fa8b.png]image, just fyi](http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/c681e8fa8b.png)

Hi, welcome to the forum.

In your image, the ‘buttons’ window is already open on the right side, but it’s actually called ‘Properties’ window.

Painting can be done in either 3dview (change mode from Object Mode to Texture Paint) or in the UV/Image Editor. You need to create or import an image there first.

When splitting the windows, or areas, it’s also good to know how to merge them back. Use the small triangles in the area corners for that, or right click on the edge of 2 areas (you can choose split or join areas)

Are you making a mincecraft character?