What to do if .dpx (image sequence) only shows black...?


I got my 16mm negatives transfered from the lab as an HD .dpx image sequence. Unfortunately it seems Blender can’t read those files properly, I only see black.

I found this in the bug tracker: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&atid=127&aid=27397&group_id=9

Anyone knows if there is a blender version that might work with those .dpx files I have?

Or is there another open-source solution for Linux that might convert theses files…?

This is really unfortunate, since I had hoped to do the postproduction digitally and thought I could use blender for editing and grading…

What could be an optimal workflow - with the least loss in quality - if I now had to convert these files for finishing the project in blender…?