What to do in an 8+hour train travel?

I just thought that I should ask here…
On wednesday I will go by train at 8. And I will go by train until 6-10 in the morning.
I will have access to a laptop computer(cpu600mhz, gc<32mb) most of the time(ithink) So: What should I download?
I will download the python tutorial. Blender doesn’t work sadly(ATI graphics card)
Any good suggestions?

will your battery even last half that long?

I’d imagine you may be able to watch about one movie, or two and kill your battery entirely.

get a book
take a nap

(I’ve never found using a laptop while in a veichle particularly possible, but then again I have only taken like 2 trains, neither of which with a laptop or for very long)

Oh, atleast some of the trains(4-5 in total) will have electric sockets.
Yes I will sleep some of the time.
Hm movie weren’t such a bad idea, thanks!

I once rode buses all the way from Oklahoma to Boston… I read, looked at scenery, listened to music, and slept. I didn’t bring my laptop though, and I’m fairly easily amused.

bring a sketch pad and draw the whole way

Or write… I forgot that I did that too. I tried to draw but I’m no good and the bumps sucked.

A bunch of Wired magazines… a good book… or two…

and the computer will do the rest.

ehm…rent a good movie?

Download the 26 episodes of Last Exile, and watch them all during the trainride :stuck_out_tongue:

… from where would you think is the best?

(most sites don’t seem to have it anymore because it has been licensed…)

It’s liscenced therefore illegal to distribute.
That means not talking about it on the forums.

I know a couple of good sites, just e-mail me privately.


Self Incrimination Alert!


this thread has been idle for 4 days and you bring it back to the top with such a stupid post

(this one isn’t much more on topic admitedly)


oh, and for being on topic: wearing a jacket makes it much easier to sleep in an uncomfortable chair for me

I believe sometime next month I’ll have to spend like 8 hours on a train too… however, I play guitar :slight_smile: that’ll be a bunch of time spent, and then I’ll probably draw… that’s about it–

warning: for totallly non-interesting information. Sensitive people are recomended to close their eyes, press f4 and complain about spamming to the first person they meet IRL.

I have done that travel now and are back from the conference. I went part of the travel in a sleep-wagon (?) wich had both shower and wc per two bed room… :smiley:
I mostly looked at the scenery at first(before sleeping wich were on a nother train) and played cards.
Ofcourse the cd i burned weren’t working, the first one i have failed with in my life I think…

when there I noticed that ronneby seams to have way too much space to handle, I slept a ten minute walk from the conference(ok I admit, not that much… but I were sick) and every were big, like if they defined space first and the filled it up with fewer houses than calculated for at first.

On the travel home i talked to nice people that were at the conference too and, and tried to survive my cold ( :-? ). I even read some book and ate some candy and food. And ofcourse I forgot my 50$ headphones on one of the trains :frowning: