What to do when your vertexes get all messed up


So I’m following a great tutorial at blendercookie.com. A couple of times, I’ve had some weird glitches and had to delete vertices and rejoin them via the F key. I have a weird fold, though, in a sphere that I cannot seem to fix no matter what I try.

Here’s a screenshot: http://ju.chearon.net/up/junkyard/17616_Screenshot-2.png
and the render: http://ju.chearon.net/up/junkyard/64201_Screenshot-3.png

I tried removing duplicates, deleting and re joining the verticies, and I tried removing the spot via edge loop. Any suggestions? Also, what’s some good practice to avoid this in the future?

EDIT: oops, I meant “Verticies” in the title

See how this is from a tutorial just post the .blend file and someone you take a look
or just post a wire frame view with Subdivisions turned OFF!

K, sorry!

Wireframe: http://ju.chearon.net/up/junkyard/87012_Screenshot.png
.blend file: http://ju.chearon.net/up/junkyard/74093_MessedBalloon.blend

(I apoligize if this becomes a double post, I think there was a glitch earlier)

.blend file: http://ju.chearon.net/up/junkyard/74093_MessedBalloon.blend
Wireframe (front): http://ju.chearon.net/up/junkyard/23860_Screenshot-1.png

Thats an issue with your normals. Simply press ctrl+n in edit mode and confirm to recalculate them. Everything should be fine again.


Wow, thanks guys!