what tutorial on animation of armatures?

(Claws) #1

what should i read to find out how to make my R0b0t-sc1f1-w1ck3t-4rm pick up a w1ck3d sc1-f1 outerspace 0bj3ct? :slight_smile:

Been toying around with the armatures lately and i want it to pick something up and drop it at another location…

2’nd ? - is there a way to “reverse constrain” ? like making one “finger” do the opposite of the other - mainly to save time and energy or is that not in the spirit of Blender ? :stuck_out_tongue:


(theeth) #2

I made an example file for that: http://www.clubinfo.bdeb.qc.ca/~theeth/TemporalParent.blend


(Claws) #3

okay thanx for the blend file - but as my status says im a forum newbie - and blender newbie too.
So i can’t really read the file and apply it to my own creation - but i figure it has something to do with temporary parenthood ( :slight_smile: ) - but i don’t know how to do that.

Can it be done by adding a kinda keyframe for the temporary parent like when the hook graps it and when it releases it on the floor - or is it more complicated than that? (my guess is that it is :slight_smile: )

thx for the swift response btw.

(theeth) #4

you’re right about the keyframe, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.

First, you have to use Blender 2.25 (which I guess you didn’t since you didn’t complain about the file not working :wink: ).

Now, if you select the ball and go to the Constraint window (click on the Icon that looks like two chain links), you will see 6 constraints:

  • LocArm
  • RotArm
  • LocC1
  • RotC1
  • LocC2
  • RotC2

Each pair of Loc and Rot constraints are the different parents.
You will also nottice that each constraint has an Influence slidder next to it.
This value determines how much a constraint will affect the object.
A value of 1 means total influence, a value of 0 means no influence.

Now, switch the text window on the right to an IPO window (Shift-F6)

By clicking on the Edit IPO next to each Influence slider, you will see that the IPO curve on screen changes to show the one attached to this particular constrant.

By playing with the IPOs and by using Constant type curves (Tkey to change the types), you can switch between the different parents.

I hope that’s more clear.