What tutorials taught you?

I’m just curious. What are the tutorials that helped you learn to model/animate?

I have the book, but I’ve heard that may no longer be relevant to learn from.

Some subsurf tutorial, explaining how to model upwards from foot.

Long outdated though.

I learn’t the basis from the video tutorials on blender site (thanks GreyBeard and Metsys). Then I continued from there.

[email protected]’s great tutorials. And this fireworks tutorial is a good introduction to particles in blender.

(They might be outdated, because I don’t know if they’ve been updated for blender 2.4)

The tutorials that I got the most out of were the snowman and octopus tutorials by Dusk Blue. The tutorials are pretty simple, but they are invaluable for learning the Blender interface and features like subsurf and extrusion. They might be under your level now, but if you want to see them, they are in the tutorials section of the Blender homepage.

Most of the information in the tutorials is still useful, although you now have to use the subsurf modifier.

The first tutorials I learned from were published in the Tutorial Guide #1, It covered all the basics of blender interface and modeling.

The tutorials that got me started in blender were the ones from Greybeard that are now on the main blender site! If it weren’t for him I would not be blending!

Snowman and mine cart on blender.org>tutorials.

Weirdhats Blenderchar tutes by him and others (Pixar eyes, cartoon eyes with lattice, cartoon hand). Blenderchar is gone now but I think most of the tutes have ended up in the docs.

Classroom tutorial in three pdfs (http://www.statikonline.com/Blender/). Excellent introduction to a range of Blender features. Some might be a little outdated but not a lot has really changed so much as to make the old tutorials useless, just a little awkward.

Malefieco’s walk, NLA and others.

… and lots more…

Greybeards tutorials are outstanding. After watching them i felt like a natural born blender :wink: .
And for Charakter Animation WeirdHat did a great job.

After all i still think watching all you can get your hand on is best, ther ar sometimes some hidden features explaind that are not in the manual.

I learned an amazing amount from James Chronister’s .pdf introduction for Blender. I also recommend Richard Williams’ ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ (ISBN 0-57120-228-4) and Whitaker & Halas’ ‘Timing for Animation’ (ISBN 0-240-51714-8.

Carsten Wartmann’s stuff at the old CJ and [email protected]’s amazing tutorials. Then I found Blender3d.org’s document section and a link to Elysiun and those have been and still are the most important to me.

The tutorial from which I learned the most was the gingerbread man tutorial in the 2.3 guide, it took me from total newb, not knowing a thing about 3D to someone who could actually model.


some tuts for modelling/animation
Old but maybe useful

…and how could I forget Torq’s unforgettable “Better Face Tutorial” - right here on Elysiun!!!

Thanky’s :smiley: