What video type is viewable? -.-

I rendered a video today,
and sent it to someone but he can’t open it?
I tried .Avi Raw
But that didn’t work and .Avi codec is slow in loading?

Which one should I use?

AVI raw is massive, and much bigger than you need for most purposes, especially sending things over the internet. I’d suggest AVI codec (or quicktime) with Mpeg4 or Xvid compression selected. (When you select AVI codec, you need to select a codec also).

You should download and install VLC and/or Mplayer and try to have your friend install them too, to get a wider variety of codecs installed that you can use.

Where to select the compressions?

If you choose avi codec or quicktime there should be a button that says “Set codec”.

Ok, and then???
What is the best option?

Well, it depends on what codecs you have installed. Why don’t you try going for Mpeg4 for starters.

If you install VLC, you will automatically get a number of codecs installed that you can use. Then you might try Xvid.

In case I’ve confused you, remember that “codec” stands for “compression/decompression” so when I say “codec” and “compression” I mean the same thing.