What would be easiest?

I am just curious but what is the simplest game for most to do?

Try the classics like the old skool Atari games :slight_smile: but stay away from yar’s revenge :ba: thats mine :smiley:

…I think is one of the better options, because it features a very good balance between difficulty and amount of material learned.

It’s what I used to learn the basics of the BGE, and it worked out quite nicely for me.

You can always try a maze game, all you need to know is to set up a basic walkthrough and have an exit that does something when hit.

Anything that doesn’t require the creation of huge amounts of diverse content such as RPGs, MMORPGS, FPS, and anything else spelled with capital letters.

Stick to arcade/puzzle games.

thanks for the advice. I figured that an rpg would be very difficult to do, my ultimate plan is to do something like a space fighter (not sure what to call where ships are going at it) but to start off I figured I would do something simple.

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Yeah (social forgive) puzzles are the best. The first game I ever made was the “multi-level maze game” tutorials, found . My best advice: Start a project in a genre you love. I wanted to do a racing game, but I lost interest because I dont like them very much. Also, dont go way over your head. I love skatebarding games and I tried to make one once. It sucked and I thought I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. Let’s leave it at that…

and anything else spelled with capital letters.
:smiley: thats so funny.

When I started with BGE years ago I wanted to make a strategy game, which is difficult game type to make with BGE because of the huge amount of objects involved (BGE hates many objects).

I still haven’t made a single complete game… but I have learned a lot. I think the main issue with complex games is that how you can keep yourself motivated about a single project. I have nearly twenty unfinished projects on my hard disk…