What you think ?


nice…looks good. And seems to be low poly enough, too. Good work.

My idea would be: make the body a little bit thinner…this guy looks a little bit fat^^ and thats not creepy at all…i think it should look more like a scelleton would be underneath that cloth…

Wires frame views, poly counts (target and current) and what you are gonna use the model for are all important things you need to include to give good crits on low poly work.

Generally though its not bad, the modelling seems a little “straight”. Id put more variation in by pushing a few verts around to get a more cloth-like look. (If thats what you’re going for).

I like it, it has a lot of potential. I think it would be cool to parent this on a character as clothing as an experiment. (Like picking up armor in the game.). Anyway add a little more history-look to it and you will be set.

Cool, I’ll update the screen then, I guess you already know what I’m going to use this for.

Ok, here’s the wire, anything else ?

It looks pretty spooky with the robe straight, but id use the knife tool to add an extra row of polys near the bottom then flare them out.

The arms, if you’re gonna animate them might not deform well. You should try an keep polygon loops flowing with the direction of the model. (Hard to explain ill try and find an example).

No, I know about flow and this won’t be animated, it will move thoe