What's a minute worth?

Taking a bit of a break from, well, everything, but had an interesting talk with a friend last night. Anyway, for no real reason, he asked how much work I could do in a minute. I had no idea. I may test it out today. But I wondered, how much work can you people out there do in Blender if given only a minute? In this case, work from scratch. The rest of it is a bit too complicated for me to ask coherent questions about.

Why yes, I am going a bit crazy from being in lockdown for months, thanks for asking!

The first minute in a new project… just setting up stuff in Blender lol.

Not much you can do in one minute, your friend probably referred to what your APM is (actions per minute, like in professional Starcraft playing). While my APM in Blender isn’t worth mentioning, it can be improved artificially by special training or naturally by long term experience.

I wonder if there’s an addon to measure that.

Oh no, we were very clearly talking about what someone could make in a minute. It was inspired by some “Making a XXXXX in 10 minutes in Blender” videos on Youtube.

Huh… now THAT is an interesting idea…!

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This topic inspired me. I decided to make a project of my own to see what I could do in just two minutes using my normal workflow. The end result? Airplane toilet.

…that I messed up the screen capture only adds to the tragic hilariousness.


Exactly a minute work.

In two minutes (I made a mistake using the timer) I managed to make the very crude outline of a horsey. They make it look so easy to make things in a few minutes in those youtube videos…

I could actually go faster if I tried. Problem is, rotating randomly is just too fun to ignore.

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It is about staying focused, yeah! We did talk about what our real limits were if we TRULY applied ourselves…

You really can’t do that much in a minute, but you can do a lot in an hour if you have “hit your stride.”

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Agreed, doing something from scratch in one minute is very limiting, even more so if you do not plan beforehand.
I would however like to re-vindicate those special, inspirational, eureka minutes when after weeks of going round in circles you suddenly “click”.
In all aspects of life there are very valuably minutes even “moments”.
“What is a minute worth” sometimes it can be priceless!

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I think we kinda had that in mind. It jut ometimes feels like those eureka minutes are more a matter of “if I take THIS minute extra serious, I can make it matter in the same way”. It feels… psychological? Especially when you’re a diehard fan of this dude.