What's causing these artifacts

Im messing around with the vector displacement tool and im trying to replicate the bottom image… but im getting these artifacts on the side of the cube…Does anybody know what’s causing these? its probably simple but I can’t figure it out … The cube is scaled, displacement settings are the same as the example…and it has plenty of geometry…

zzzzz picpick Image 010
zzzzz picpick Image 011

Overlapping geometry? Hard to say without proper transparent wireframe. Or maybe your object is too big and this is a camera clipping issue.

Hi thanks for you answer… i found out that when I use the ‘normal’ subsurf modifier… in stead of adaptive subsurf… the issue is gone. So im not sure why…but adaptive subsurf is causing the issue

? You mean subdivsion ? Why do you use this on those rectangular geo??

I usally do this, so I have a non distructive way of adding more geometry to the object

I subdivide the object 2 or 3 times… and then with the subdivion modifier I add more detail (non destructive) so I can turn it down (or off) when I need to…

Other wise… I have to subdivide the cube many time to get those squares perfectly squared, right? And really slows my pc down… by using the modifier…I can turn it off temporarely

(im a beginner sorry)

Ops, sorry – now i get it: You are using the subdivision modifier and the displacement modifier… (It’s always good to knew and use the correct term or vocabulary. And i esspecially asked for it.) First you shouldn’t use such a high contrast (i gues black white checker?) but anyway: set Coordinates to local/global or while using UV: set direction to Z… or make a UV map with a middle grey area to con’t move the geo…