What's going out there?

Just curious? What are Blender heads up to these days ?

skating skating skating skating skating skating skating skating…

i guess you could say ive been skating =)

i started a blender project, actually a few, but i got way too bored and quit them pretty much right away =
i wanna make more games but cant find any interest in making them anymore, so boring =\

bah, im gonna go skate, nah sleep first, skate in the morning!

EXAMS shouldn’t be on the computer now must go and study. arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhh

Well, I’ve been babysitting my kids for the last 2 months (since my wife started working…), but I find some time to do some blender stuff… mainly for The-Exodus film project…


Well, here it goes:

  1. Moving to a new house on Nov. 29.
  2. Going to be starting a new job in the very near future.
  3. I have 3 kids.
  4. My wife works afternoon shift, so I have to look after 3 kids myself during the evening.
  5. Currently still at my old job, sneaking in blender use there.

Now, can anyone find in that list of stuff, any free time for doing some Blending? :o


Me? Well, i’m having a break from things 3D, and working on my 2d skills.

Here are some drawings!


Enjoy! (or not!)


I’m kind of tired with Blender, and have Blenderhead’s block.

I’m usually making something new every hour…