What's is the right way to create a power plant model?

I plan to create a 3D power plant model which contains turbine, boiler, kinds of motors, kinds of pumps, mills,power tower etc.
It will be impossible to create each device from scratch.
May I google the 3d devices with obj, dxf, collada,fbx format objects and import into blender then adjust them to organize the who power plant model?

I dont think you will find everything, and some models can have high cost… You will anyway, need to create many parts.

Well :slight_smile: in my opinion: Find blueprints, find pictures (photos), find technical drawings and and and - and in the end: start up from scratch, piece by piece. Why? Well nobody can arrive afterwards with things like: “But that or this or the other is mine…”

Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank so much