What's new in 2.88?

-What is new or different in Blender3D v2.88, beyond v2.77a?

I don’t know, 2.88 is pretty far from being released. In a few few years or so. For 2.78, however, you can check the release notes (https://www.blender.org/features/2-78/).

I doubt we’ll know for a couple of years.

-Typo on my part. What’s new in blender v2.78?

-I do notice that the freestyle edge detection notice from command
line ‘blender renderer’ render is now fixed and gone away. Excellent
debugging work! This fix was quite necessary.

-What do the new keyframe “types” do? I’ve been using
AnimAll and the <i> key to insert frames via selections my mouse
cursor is over. Is AnimAll redundant now? What do each of the
5 keyframe icon types do? What do they have to do with the previous 3
types of location, rotation and translation?

-I have my existing problems with overlapping
surfaces/faces with multiple internal edge detection and drawing. Is there something
that can be done about that, so that all internal marked freestyle edges
that are surface internal get the edge drawn in an image or animation render?

Please see my post at https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?403798-Question-about-FreeStyle-Line-Support&p=3080125#post3080125
to see what I refer to.

-I also have an edge sliding issue, when using the <g> + <g> key to slide one point through an edge. How may I rotate through applicable slide edges away from the first selected vertex, by means of the “factor adjuster”? Please see

to see what I refer to.

-There is also a set angle and length add-on which users tend to need to use.
It rounds off in it’s edit field to 2 d.p., and it’s title is in lower case. It also only seems
to place line lengths, or angles, to 4.d.p. and not 5.d.p., the latter being
the accuracy of point location data in the Transform area. Can the issues for
the particular add-on be fixed, and then the add-on included with blender installation
downloads by default?

Please see
to see what I refer to.

Probably would be best to continue this discussion in the already existing thread.


Look in the Help menu and there is a link to the release logs.