What's the appropriate topic to start a personal sketchbook on blender sculpting?

  1. WIP topic
  2. Focused critique topic
  3. Blender tests topic.

So, what’s the appropriate topic to start a personal sketchbook?
Using blender sculpting, dyntopo, or other technics?
A personal sketchbook, right?
Personal techniques, involving links to other apps as well.
Discussing on different approaches but not a thread that every other will come and post their own creations.
Of course, they may, but… you know what I’m talking about.

I’d say any of those would be appropriate.

My vote would probably be for WIP though.

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The Blender Tests forum is the most appropriate place to post a running set of 3D doodles.

Sorry for the wrong place to post this question.
WIP is work in progress. I won’t post work in progress though.
Blender tests is about blender only. It’s also not appropriate for personalized threads, neither to post experiments involving other apps.
What about the serious critiques topic then?
Nothing serious really but…

My question isn’t answered, not really.
Maybe it’s time to discuss this “serious critique” name? What does it really mean?

it’s because the forums are a bit flaky, what seems like the right place often is not…or what may seem like an apropriate topic in one forum belongs to another…semantics and perspective.

As I said, the Blender Tests forum is the most appropriate place to post the kind of thread you’ve asked about. That’s the answer.

Aside from that, you could always create a 3D Sketches group and post in there.

I meant focused not serious critique, sorry.
Focused on what? On sculpting and how to link it with other apps?
My favorite subject for discussion, always.

No. It’s in the Artwork section. Therefore [and quite obviously], it’s focused critique on specific works created by our users.

Focused critique is in the artwork section… I see.
You probably mean that blender tests is not in the artwork section.

  1. You advised me wrong, blender tests is not for personalized threads. It can’t be, whatever happens there.
  2. It belongs to artwork section, as well.
  3. Specific works created by our users. “Our Users”? Do you mean that I’m not a blender user?

What is happening here?
Please explain.

I think we need a dedicated cg sketchbook forum and to merge the wip and focused critique forum together and just call it WIP/CRITIQUE.A Cg sketchbook will enable people to track their progress,and keep track of some of their favorite artists

Right ng
The appropriate reply form a moderator, on my request to post on focused critique could be:
"this is not a thread to post doodles or tests…
“Please be sure that any work your posting here is of a serious nature, feature tests or projects you’ve spend little time on don’t belong here.” copied from the “rules” of this topic.
WIP, it’s also similar. It’s a specific work in progress. It doesn’t mean that you can post critiques not focused of course.

I think, all these definitions are make non sense. More or less.
This forum is not for personal sketch books.
I wonder why…
If I’m wrong, prove it. With the easiest way. Create the appropriate topic for such threads.
Something like the “traditional” topic.

Blender Tests is in the Artwork section. What would make you think otherwise?

Again, where are you getting this? People have posted 3D doodle threads in that forum many times.

It is.

BlenderArtists.org users. A member of BlenderArtists.org does not necessarily have to be a Blender user (though most are).

Again, if you want a thread for 3D sketches, you have two choices: make a thread in Blender Tests or create a group for 3D sketches and make a thread in that group.

Looks like my current thread in WIP is in the wrong place. It’s definitely a sketchbook thread. Perhaps a moderator can move it.

ETA: I’ve created a 3D Sketchbooks group. Feel free to join.

fweeb,perhaps michalis isn’t being clear.I feel like things are getting a little hostile.

I apologize if has come across that way,really its just an idea that I feel a lot of people will support.

I think what michalis means is,the current forum titles are confusing and don’t support/reflect what actually gets posted.

There shouldn’t have to be “group” for art sketchbooks, it should be public,this is blender artists forum lol.

Having a dedicated forum for cg sketchbooks will benefit the forum in many ways like the things I mentioned above.

I feel the WIP and critique forum should be combined into one forum called WIP/Critique.No need for separation here.

Then there should be a new CG sketchbook forum created exactly like the Traditional forum.

CG Sketchbook forum would be dedicated to the art/studies of one artist,he/she can track their progress along with others.People check other peoples sketchbooks and become inspired to start their own.This will have huge benefits (in terms of producing quality art)

Blender Tests will remain for “discoveries” and “new” things that blender users have discovered,a lot like dyntopo thread,or michalis uv sculpting thread.

is this clear? Perhaps mods/admins can have a discussion about the idea.Or perhaps maybe I can have permission to post a thread in cg discussion forum about this?

We’re working on it. Most (all?) of my comments were directed at the question of where to put a 3D sketch thread. Blender Tests is that place (it’s not just tests of Blender features, it’s also a test of your skills and ideas… after all, what is a sketch other than a test of an idea?).

The Focused Critique forum grew in the earlier days of BA when our WIP forum was over-run with unhelpful “cool” and “me too” posts rather than useful feedback (also, some users didn’t want feedback and only wanted the “oohs” and “ahhs”… weird, I know, but that’s how it was). Our membership has since matured to the point where it’s certainly worth considering re-merging Focused Critique and WIP.

The mod team is discussing this now. The current and likely plan is to merge Focused Critique and WIP… and rename Blender Tests to Blender Tests and Sketches (or something similar).

Thats cool to hear.

I disagree with you on that first point though fweeb.

blender tests,as I see it,is dedicated to actual Blender Software tests,technical stuff,OSL tests,or that 90 billion tree thing from agus 3d,you know,blender software techniques.

where as the sketchbooks are dedicated to the artwork itself,anatomy studies,composition,whatever that person wants to have in their sketchbooks,and really is just dedicated to improving as an artist.

ofcourse “blender tests” can be discussed within those individual threads,and people will still receive criticism in their sketchbooks,but the main focus would be the art and hopefully dedication and inspiration.So I think they should still be separate.

the wip/crit forum would just be for individual art pieces that people need help on.

hope you are following me,i’m not the best at explaining things.lol.Anyway thanks for the response.I only joined in September so i’m not sure of the history of this forum.

I too find it strange when people say they don’t want crits.

I’ve done a lot of tutorials from Gnomon and workshops on CGSociety, and something I really notice missing here is any coverage of the pre-production phase of an artwork. Character design, environment design, research, finding reference, trying out lots of ideas until they converge on the concept that one wishes to develop fully. I love the work of Olivier Ponsonnet and would like to be able to produce still images with that kind of impact. I’m spending a lot of time at the moment on pre-production, different characters/outfits/accessories/environments. Eventually some strong concept will emerge that I’ll develop as fully as possible. So my current thread in WIP has this focus. I’ve created the thread because it fills a gap in what I see here. WIP seemed the most appropriate place to put it.