whats the best amount of RAM to have for blender?

my dell 3000 can take 2 gb of ram, i have 256 ram now and wen i use blender and add a background image it acts mighty slugish what is the lowest amount of ram to have so that all the components of blender works without delay.

Accoring to blender.org, you need 128MBRAM as well as 8MBRAM on the OpenGL card.

As for the best amount to have for Blender, I’d say as much as possible.:rolleyes:

If adding a background image makes Blender sluggish, it may also be a problem with your graphics card (I’ve had that on ATI cards).

256mb ram will definetely slow any 3d app down, regardless of graphics card. A background image loads up on your ram. Of course, a background image is also affected by your graphics card, but with 256mb ram, you can quite safely upgrade the ram! Personally, I believe in minimum 1gb ram.

I have only 256 megabytes of RAM, and it’s not slow with a background image. If you have an ATI card, burn it in a fire and get an nvidia card. I had a high-speed ATI card and it was slow in blender; I got a slower nvidia card and it worked about 5 times faster, without any exageration.

If it’s not an ATI card, just update the drivers.

Edit: I went from an ATI Radeon 7800 and went to an nvidea GeForce 6600 LE. HUGE improvement. And I had the latest driver too.

so do u guys think that i should get a graphic card instead of ram???

the driver i have is a intell® extreme graphics 2

Well a computer is only as good as its weakest part. So getting a load of RAM with a slow CPU, motherboard, graphics card, and HD won’t do you any good. What I think you should do is decide how “valuable” you computer is. Can you realistically see yourself buying a newer, better one in the near future? If so, don’t blow a ton of money on upgrade parts that may not reach their full potential with what you have now.


i got this computer brand new last year so i dont think ill get a new one plus, ill just swap the hardware from this one into my future one if i need to

i cant update the drivers cus they are already updated, still slow

Well 256 is on the low side, but it still works. But getting Blender to work without delay all depends on what you’re doing. High poly counts will slow up the GUI, which has to do with the graphics card. Raytracing, AO, and complex scenes being rendered will drag if the CPU is slower, though RAM also plays a part in the rendering.

So seeing as how you’re having internal slowness, a graphics card may do you more good than more RAM. How much memory does your current one have?


512 MINIMUM, 1gb is good.

memory of what?

I’ve got a 2GB machine, however the lag with the background seems more of a bug than anything… Its one of the main things that put me off of blender, the fact that adding a BG image in blender slugged my computer and the instance i removed it all was ok…

Even if the image was a 1kb big = lag, im pretty sure it wasnt my GC since it happen to two differernt ones ^^

256mb of ram is hardly good for anything, hell when i had 512 mb of RAM it was only after 10 mins of doing digital painting in photoshop =lag. Windows takes around 400mb on its own… linux took 240-300 for me.

so wat r u saying?

I think he’s saying get more RAM. I have a 32MB GeForce2 card and it works good enough for me. Oh, and graphics cards that are onboard, meaning that they come on the motherboard, use the onboard RAM instead of having its own. If you get a 512 RAM stick and get a 64MB graphics card that’ll speed it up a lot.

Oh, but if you open the case of your computer, you might void the warranty.

too late…

I have 768 ram and Background images are sluggish.

A good way to avoid that is to make a plane and UV your image on it. Works great for me.

awsome idea! but i would rather just have it work like blender was intended, lol

o and i tryed ur method thin chips and it worked until i wanted to see my model in wire frame so i could see the referense and the plane turned to wireframe too. and another thing, if blender works fine with a uv maped plane then why cant they have referense images work the same way, that should be fixed in the future versions