What's the best method to fill this empty part?

I want to fill that empty part
quick idea passing to my heads is to
Choose p1 p2 p3 in edit mode and press f but
it would form ngon or triad so I want to avoid this method

the best idea passing to my head is to
Make the equal amount of subdivision as the stairs to the bottom surface
and make lots of quads but ! It takes not too much of time but it really takes time to do it …
(especially when you have lots of stairs !)
so I know that this is the best method for me but I think it is not the best way to do it

Plz share your ideas if you know more easy, smart way to achieve what I am trying to do

Hi, you can use the cut loop tool and divide by the amount you need:

Then > bridge edge loop.

Hello ! Thank you for sharing your idea
Yes that was actually my best idea
I just realized it has 2 big problems

1.have to do for each stairs so more stairs we have, more we need to spend time on it
I can’t even use this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmDeKk4VEHk technique
for this case

2.after finishing the stairs we have lots of doubles and ngons
to solve the problem of ngon I do merge by distance but still, it has lots of double remaining

Does the bridge edge loops work in this kind of situation ?
Sadly I can’t use bridge edge loop on mine how do you do that sir ?

I did it individually in edit mode.
Is this going to have subdivisions modifier on? Otherwise this shouldn’t matter.
or you can just extend the edge loops from each point.

bridge edge loop didn’t work for me :frowning:
so I have to make the face individually ?
Luckily I am not having 100 ~ 200 stairs in this case but I think there might be some better methods


No it is not going to have the subdivision modifier
The term of “subdivision” I said in the original post was loop cut sorry xD …


Whoa I was not thinking that method of extending the edge loops from each point
what a brilliant idea
but how do you extend the edge loops ? with knife tool ?

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If you not applying subD modifier then Ngons will not be any problem in render.
You use the knife for loops.
In hindsight this model should have started with the sides first as a flat surface and then extruded or solidified .

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All the proposed solutions sound a little complicated to me. This is how I would approach it myself. Disregard the first comment in the video, I was playing with my recording settings and was curious wether this recording would be “smooth”. :laughing:

I hope this gives you one more approach. :+1:

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Wow thank you for the kind explanation with video
This method looks great so I should have started from the side

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Aha thank you for many tips and as your suggestion and “3dioot” s suggestion
the wisest method was to start with the sides first
My problem is now solved thank you !