What's the best practice to add a mouth cavity for animation purposes?

For instance, would it be better for animators to make the gums+teeth, toungue and mouth cavity as separate objects (not part of the actual face); or it’s fine to extrude to mouth cavity from the inner side of the lips and then attach the rest parts?

I’m struggling to find any information on what could be more efficient in a production environment.

Btw, thanks to all of you guys who have treated me so warmly for all the time I’ve asked newbie questions. Means a lot! :slight_smile:

I think mouth cavity should be part of the head\face. Teeth and tongue is better to keep separate, at least I always do it like that.

Usually the lips are extruded backwards, the scale is recreated so they intersect and spread out again, and then a mouth bag is formed.

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