What's the best program to record your blender game?

Alright here’s the problem; I was using camtasia but the game lags so I switched to fraps and it works fine. the only problem is for fraps I have to record in 640x480 pixels or else it gets cut off. Is there a program that records in higher pixels and doesn’t lag? or is there a way to make fraps record with higher resolution? Thanks.

I’ve had a good experience with the free(really nice, too) CamStudio. There is a way to make fraps record higher resolution. Buy it! It isn’t freeware. CamStudio isn’t bad though, it should suit your purposes.


In this modern age, you would think recording video of your screen would be easy, unfortunately it’s one of those markets where companies can make a lot of money selling inferior and bloated recording programs.

I’m using windows, I know linux has a command line program that works quite well for capturing video


In windows, the CamStudio losless codec records good image quality, but it is resource intensive and brings my 60fps games down to 15 or less. (I’m using a GTX 260)

Fraps seems to record good framerate and quality, but at some point the codec changed, and I can’t import the .avi into blender or upload to Youtube - maybe that’s something with the free version but I’m not going to buy it and find out.

I use HyperCam to record my games.

There’s a bug in it though. you have to make sure “Show rectangle around recorded area” is unchecked, and “Make this rectangle blink” is selected

Also, if your computer can’t record the video at a decent frame rate, HyperCam will throw an error, and if you change your display color quality to 16 bits instead of 32, it can keep up then.

I had to do some searching to get those problems figured out. Hope that helps!

I haven’t tried HyperCam. For Windows, I use CamStudio v2.6 which you must build from source. Information on obtaining the source code can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=svn&group_id=131922
If you are not a programmer and you want a pre-built version, send me a private message here at blenderartists.org.

thanks for all the answers. I decided to use camstudio and it works fine.

If you are using the 2.5 version you can save the frames on a folder in your computer, that is really awesome , you dont loose framerate this way, but I dont remember how to make it!