What's the best way to make part of an animation last longer...

… using the Sequencer?
The animation is really already rendered into a sequence of images. And now I’m using the Sequencer to position a shorter animation using an AlphaOver. The thing is, I would like the middle part of the long animation to last longer, like a pause if you will.
I suppose I could duplicate the files making up that part (in Windows Explorer), then rename them using a Bulk rename utility, so that the sequence is not messed up. But I get the feeling there is a more practical & efficient way using Blender.

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:


Maybe you just need to use one frame as your pause, and stretch it for the number of frames you need the pause to be. Unless you want the one animation to mix over the top of the other, you don’t need to use an alpha over. Just import the necessary frames of the first animation, scrub the timeline to the point you want to add the other, select the frames from there to the end and grab and move them further up the time line, and insert the other animation there in the gap.

Excellent! Thank you so much Craig :slight_smile:
That was very helpful.


Good, I worried we were not on the same page with what you were needing :slight_smile: