Whats the best way to model a monolithic dome home? Interior/exterior. Good geometry

I’m struggling accurately modeling a monolithic dome home. I need to model the exterior and the interior. As it would be in real life. So I cant cheat and have ugly bad or loose geometry inside.
I would normally start by adding a UV sphere for the main house. Then I would duplicate, scale and move the 2nd half sphere (the two car garage) into position. At this point half’s spheres intersect. I then use the boolean modifier to cut out the two interior walls. But I cant getting looking right.
So If you were to model this, how would you attack it?
I’m looking for a way to model the interior and exterior, I would like to be able to customize, (windows,doors, overhangs, smooth curvy walls and straight walls inside.) Below are some references. Please share your ideas on how to tackle this kind of architecture.
Thanks you! :grinning:

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Personally, I would not use a UV sphere, because of the pinching problem at the poles if any level of SubSurf division is used. I would instead use quad spheres. As far as the geo not looking right after Boolean, that is always going to require manual adjustment of topology. Josh Gambrell of Blender Bros has some great tutorials on cleaning up geo after Booleans on YouTube.

Windows, doorways, etcetera, once again Boolean Ops to cut everything out. Hope this helps.

Nice reference photos, by the way! :grinning:

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OMG, this is really good! After my interview I’m going to play with this and see if it works! I’ll drop an update on how it goes!