What's the best way to modelling a pyramid?

I’m making a pyramid for a game and I’m trying to model a pyramid like these:

the problem is that I have to model those pyramid blocks (very detailed) and I don’t know what’s the best way to do it in Blender, i already tried to make with array but unsuccessfully

Hope someone help me

One way is to create a bump map from an image of the blocks and use it to texture the details onto a very simple mesh.

Try using a remesh modifier with ‘blocks mode set’ on a simple pyramid primitive and see if that will give you something you can work with.

ye thank you guys, but the problem is to make this edge corner here with some blocks, maybe i should model block per block?

No, you should model or sculpt couple of different ones and build a pyramid using them. You could even use an array modifier that could rotate the main block around it’s respective axis by 90 degrees in a way so that the next three of them could each show their different side. Try to use a little bit of imagination and logic.

Here’s an example of what I mean: .blend

Okay, if you want to have the actual detail in the mesh and not just as a texture like I suggested, you can convert a bump map into a mesh using Cycles.

Take a look at this mesh made from the brick texture image on the left…

I followed this tutorial:

Hmmmm… the site won’t let me add the link. I’ll try a new post.


Well here it is anyway:


I used CrazyBump to make the bump map, and a displacement modifier was used to create the mesh from that. You can adjust the strength of the displacement to make the bumps more pronounced.