Whats the best way to tile these blocks (memory efficient)

Hey guys

I have this building block, that I need to layout as a floor, but in a specific layout (square with hole in it). The blocks are only 50x50cm and the layout is about 70meters long. So they are going to be a lot of blocks.

What I did now…but modelled 1 block, and used the array modifier to fill the layout. I only did one side…but already I can tell its memory intensive and its slowing down my system. I did not apply the arrays btw.

Is there a better, more memory efficient way, to tile these blocks? Please note:

  • the blocks are all the same
  • in a later stage, I need to be able to change shape, texture, color for the blocks. Here’s what im trying to do.
  • in the final render, the blocks are not going to be shown in much detail.

did you try with dupliface ?

do you need these to be in 3D
or could use a UV Normal map instead ?

happy bl

Hi Ricky

Thank you for your answer. No, i havent tried dupliface. Im not sure what that is really.
And to answer your second question… I need to make a couple of renders from different perspectives from this layout … but nothing will be very close to these blocks. At least 10 meters away.

So, based on that info… would I need it to be 3D? or would a normal map suffice?

There’s not enough information to be sure, test, but that sounds like you don’t even need a normal map. You might have problems it showing up in the render correctly, if the image resolution is too small. The grid makes a small detail, and camera being far away, there might not be enough pixels to describe the lines with anti-aliasing, let alone with intricate detail like fake or real thickness.

There are other ways to fake depth, like burning shadows in diffuse map, or only using specular/glossiness map. There are also rendering techniques. Those depend on the scene setup and how the render is done.

So what would you suggest I do then… this is what it should look like (kinda) eventually

But the camera viewpoint will be further away, and a bit higher…

depends how realist you want it to be !

then may be a combination
middle blocks with normal map
do one block and use a plane to repeat blocks

the blocks on the side I think need to be real for a nice 3D effect

try it and see how it looks

happy bl