What's the best workflow for making game characters using zbrush and blender?

Hello, I’ve started to study sculpting in zbrush to make game characters. Right now I’m able to sculpt close to realistic human anatomy. I haven’t found any course with a zbrush to blender workflow (only zbrush to maya). I have made some 3d modeled characters but they did not have hair and clothing (I also did not learn to make clothing and hair in zbrush yet). I just want to make a study list and try to interconnect all this knowledge the best workflow possible. So my questions are:

  1. If I were making a character with realistic hair should I study zbrush’s fibermesh and try to export them somehow to blender or should I bring the sculpt to blender, retopologize it and use blender’s own hair particle system? Take in mind the hair needs to be animated (mostly using physics simulation) .

  2. Basically the same question but for clothing. Should I try to learn how to make clothing in zbrush and export it to blender or should I use blender cloth and cloth simulation? I also have access to Marvelous Designer. Haven’t even studied it yet. Should I use it, if yes should I export the cloths to blender or zbrush?

  3. Is there a way to export zbrush’s polypaint as UV map to the model in blender?

Thanks in advance!