Whats the deal with Yafray?

is it ever going to be updated? 64bit version? is there a good alternative to yafray for rendering GI for animations? with good fast raytracing something like vray or mental ray?

I don’t know.

I do know 64 bit Yafray is available for Ubuntu. Don’t know what you are running though.

You could try Yafaray - http://www.yafray.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=12

Luxrender development is going at great speed as always, it will soon be able to render animations.
Speed is still slower then Yafray, but seeing as the project is only 6 months old it’s obvious the speed will improve greatly.
Right now it’s not ready for production, but be sure to keep track of progress :slight_smile:


nice i will try out luxrender is this similar to indigo?

Well, unlike indigo, you can also do biased renders in Luxrender(renders that go for a specific quality, as compared to rendering forever till you like how it looks). Ive tried it out, and its a pretty strong renderer considering how new it is. There are bugs, but all in all? Pretty impressive.

I definitely recommend trying it out.