Whats the difference here? Whats the better choice?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I just finished a project, upon hitting render and waiting for it load and stuff, it said I ran out of memory.
I assuming this is referring to my 1gb graphics card. Now I’m in the market for a better one and want some advice from people with more knowledge than me. I found these two. My issue is, one says it has 4gb and is cheaper than the other that only has 2gb. Is there a catch here (something else thats not so good about it.) I know one is a 650 and the other is a 640 and the difference in cuda cores. But which is better. Also, I’m looking for the best bang for the buck, $100-$200. And I’m not concerned with multi moniter support or anything. Just need HDMI and SLI would be nice for future use.

Thanks everyone, sry if it sounds a little confusing.

current build:
Quad Phenom II
GTX 550ti 1gb
8gb RAM

Memory is not everything. The GTX650 will be much faster at rendering than the GT640

Thanks everyone… I have learned much…I never knew what the numbers meant. I differently don’t want to go down in rendering speed but I also need more memory… otherwise whats the point of blending if I can’t render it.

Also, looking at different time stamps. Same GPUs render at different times…exp, the GTX 560ti has times for 1.20, and 0.52. Why is this? My 550ti is quicker than one of those. Does other computer parts play into this? or is it just soly the GPU.

Anyways thanks :slight_smile:

Sli does increase rendering speed (decrease rendering time) in cycles if you have the settings set up right.

What you want is a Fermi card with allot of memory (not sure if they go above 3GB),the newer cards using Kepler aren’t good for rendering but you will get faster render speeds with a beast card (like a TITAN) over a Fermi card.