What's the fastest way to import PBR materials?

Node Wrangler’s principled texture setup is great for quickly importing PBR materials with UV coordinates, but I’m trying to import many PBR materials with object coordinates (for archviz since there are no deformations and to save time by avoiding UV unwrapping), box projection, & 0.1 blend. Another problem is Node Wrangler isn’t able to import AO maps, so I have to do that manually for each material & the materials look a lot less realistic without AO maps. Literally, I’ve made the exact same setup like 20 times in a row & it’s extremely time consuming.

Pebble groundcover without AO map

Pebble groundcover with AO map

My texture setup I’d like to automate for mass importing materials:

Is there an add-on or python script I can use to do this?
I’m really excited to drag & drop materials from the asset browser in 2.93 alpha, but the import process is taking way to long. On a side note, it’d be nice if Blender developers implemented a quicker way to mass import materials (with custom node setups since everyone has different needs & preferences) if one doesn’t already exist that I’m unaware of.

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Try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP3_WOl4aco&feature=emb_logo

I’m already using the control+shift T principled texture setup with node wrangler. The problem is that I need box projection & blending on each material, but I have to do that step manually for like 100 materials.

You can use maps from polligon and use the free material importer, it imports all the files into a material set up correctly

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Hi! Does anyone have an idea how to do this using python scripting?

Sometimes, If i can do it by hand inside blender ui and don’t know how to do it in python, i used the “information window”. Which normally reflect all your action in python.

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