What's the quickest way to get a 2D texture on a model in Blender 2.65a?

Typically, I can drag and drop a 2D texture in Caligari modeling software using it’s default material editor, or simply by opening it’s image browser function and left click dragging the image on to my models, but Blender does not support this simple method does it? Blender, has an image browser so is it possible to drag and drop 2D textures on a model in some other way? Thanks, Leroy.

When you drag and drop an image onto an object in the 3dview (tested on a Windows machine) it adds the texture to the UV?Image Editor and sets the ‘Textured Solid’ option so you can see the texture on the object in the viewport mapped to the objects UVs. This is not the same as addidng the texture to the objects material. But the texture is then accessible from the Texture dropdown list so easy to add to a texture slot.

Thanks Richard. Can Blender be set to auto apply a default U.V. map?