whats the real reason people move to maya

i put a few options that people have been bringing up :wink:

LOL. Bit harsh, don’t you think? :smiley:

I only went with Maya because every tom, dick and harry seemed to be using it. Oh, and its great to script and create plug-ins for. Otherwise, I moved from Maya to Blender due to cost and being so easy to install. Its now got a Maya preset which is good enough.

Andrew seems a nice bloke with good intentions. That said, the debate on Blender being considered a professional package and its interface is starting to overshadow its recent success, is becoming annoying. If you couple Blender with other packages such as Silo, Zbrush or 3DCoat, then its not that bad to learn and use. If you use it for specific tasks instead of everything then it becomes quite manageable.

This is downright mean.
You are downright mean.
The purpose of this thread is downright mean.

Oh, and its great to script and create plug-ins for.

I did a little plug-in programming in Maya 5 and have to agree that it has Blender beat by a very large margin on that count. Not that the bpy API is not powerful, but it seems much more difficult to use. In any case I’m having too much fun learning to use Blender to fret over any shortcomings the UI may have.

And yea the poll seems a bit mean spirited.

I’d laugh and call you a Troll, but Andrew got you beat by 14 seperate flame wars. on 6 known seperate websites. on the same stupid subject. recognise talent when you see it and hail to the master.

actually his observations are being very well received on most threads on other forums.

Unbelievable! Yet one more UI thread?

I’ve learned with some Andrew’s videos. He helps many newbies, like many others who make great video tutorials.
But I did not like the overacting and exaggeration with which he has faced this issue.
Beyond that, I’m surprised the closed mind of some users who are on the Andrew’s side. Although the comments and polls are showing that people who think that drastic changes in the UI are a priority are not the majority, they are convinced that they are absolutely right and that those who think differently is because they are “fanboys” or have “fear”. They might begin to understand that some users think that there are other priorities first and that not everyone is unhappy with the current UI.

Not a serious poll