What's up with 20th Century Fox logo 3D models?

Off topic, but a serious question :slight_smile: On Sketchfab we keep running into accounts who upload TONS of 3D models of variations of the 20th Century Fox logo. Is there some internet subculture or community where this is a thing? I’m just so confused :joy:

yes :laughing:

I think it has been a meme since Disney acquired Fox.
It also goes deeper than a pure defacing of the logo itself, there are countless variations of the audio, or people synchronize acoustics to the rythm of the original sound.

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Hmmm Don’t know about sub-culture but was used in a bunce of memes…

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Haha yeah I’ve seen a few of those. But the models we see are not like that, they’re usually something like this:

Yeah, I went over to Sketchfab and did a search…and there are like 3 pages worth…scrolls down it seems forever. So I am with you on this, I didn’t get it either!

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Since Disney owns Fox now, I wonder how long it will take for the walls of 20th Century Fox logos to become walls of Cinderella castles. Though the sheer ease of turning the sequence into a meme means it will stick around for a long while yet.