What's up with F5 cycling trough different menus?

Why is it that when in 2.40 I press F5 numerous times, it cycles between different modes?
I mean, why does it go to Texture menu too, although you have own separate button F6 for it? Doesn’t make sence. Same with World (F8).

I don’t think it should cycle at all, since why would I want to see LAMP settings when I am changing material for a mesh?

Maybe I just have shaky fingers since I keep pressing F5 more than once very often, and the cycling is very frustrating.

Is there a way to disable this, and what on earth was the person/persons thinking when they screw this up like this?

Sounds a bit like, “Why should I cycle, when I can walk!”

Other keys cycle too. F7 to get to the new Physics tab. Use it to your advantage, rather than moan and cry handicap :wink:

Yeah maybe I am handicapped, but this feature is retarded :slight_smile:

Why have F5 cycle trough menus that already have keys bind to them (and ONLY to them)?