What's with Blender's .dxf importer?

I found a nice little free software that generates reasonable looking trees called Tree Generator 1.2 but it only exports to autodesk .dxf files.

Blender 2.49b has a built in script for importing .dxf files but every time I try to import a .dxf tree it throws up a python script error.

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem might be?

Or, does anyone know of a good piece of (preferably free) software that will convert a .dxf file into a more blender friendly .obj file?

I could only find one and it was priced at a hefty $300

[Edit] I tried to upload an image of blender’s console displaying the error but it doesn’t seem to be allowing me to post non-web based images anymore, am I missing something?

what about treegenerator 2.0 ?
It costs only 49$ and exports into .OBJ and .3DS

DXF format is not the optimal solution - it can not transport texture data.

ps. i am sure the issue with treegenerator(1.2) DXF-files can be solved too. I will take a look at it shortly.

first look:
treegenerator 1.2 generated DXF-code is quite a mess (= outside any DXF-specification).

  1. has non-standard header
  2. uses <,> instead of <.> as decimal point
  3. probably more incompatibilities (needs more investigation)
    all this can be corrected per hand or script, but there is a bigger problem with exported mesh data: it is not effective/optimal for further editing cause all hierarchy is gone.

Curious if new version 2.0 exports better


it is designed for games, but can increase the detail for a good low res trees.

Screen shot of the default tree inported in obj format in blender 2.5

The author website: