Whats wrong with hair. Please help. (PHOTO)

Hi. After joining all of the parts of body together and deleting mirror modifier i created rigify. But after trying to rotate rigify manipulators i noticed that my hair, mustache, beard not following it, it gust separated. Why? How to fix it?

Any ideas?

It would be better if we had a .blend to examine but, from what the images can tell, it seems the hair emitters aren’t parented to the armature.

I have solved part of the problem. Solution was in moving up to the top armature modifier in modifies stack panel. But there is another little problem emerged it turn out that i forgot to parent part of the mesh with hair to the body (not to the armature but to the body) - right part of the moustache. But the problem that when rigify created mesh disappears, so it is impossible to parent unless undo rigify? When i go to the edit mode selecting moustache by Cntrl L, then if i shift cntrl L on the body its just giving me the option MAKE VERTEX PARENT but even this one doesnt work. So how to parent part of the mesh to the body after rig creted?


Please supply the .blend. Shooting in the dark is hard.


Requires login to download. Can you make it public, or something like that? Also, if the file (compressed) is less than 30mb, it’s better to upload it to pasteall.org, which doesn’t need permissions.

no, its public

here is different location - http://www.pasteall.org/blend/37397

The problem is that your mustache vertices aren’t assigned to any bone that can move them. Thus, when the head bone moves, it doesn’t affect the mustache vertices.
I suggest that you forget the hair for a moment, and check that the rig works properly.

So is there any way how i can fix it now? To parent them or something?

You assign them (is that what you mean by parent?) to DEF-head like the other half of the mustache (I just noticed it).

Thank you. It works!