Whats wrong with my camara

Hi all,
Im trying to create a water fountain, but when i go to render the image i get this issue in the image below.

Please advice as to what the issue is.

What issue ? What are we supposed to be seeing or not seeing? We are not mind readers

If you happen to talk about the somewhat spherical “blackness” that appears in your scene, then this might very well be Cycles’ camera clipping. By default the camera in Cycles clips everything that is more than 100 meters away from the camera.

Increase the clipping distance in the camera settings:

BTW, if that scene doesn’t fit into the 100 m clipping distance, the objects in it seem to be gargantuan in size. Usually it’s best to work in real world scale when it comes to rendering.

Sorry man, i didnt explain well, As you can see, the backgrounds are rounded, (wall and floor) evan though there is a light right there. what causes this ?

Also if i zoom out further, then i cant see anything, the blackness covers everything, evan though i have lights above the wall and a big plane (Not in view) emitting light.

Hi there, Thanks for that, You hit the nail right on the Head =) I wanted to ask, How do you scale correclty in blender ? iv only been working with blender for about 2 months now, so im still very new.