What's wrong with my model's mesh?

I had output an SVG path from Illustrator and imported it into Blender to create a model out of it. I’ve cleaned up all the mess line between, but a weird stepping effect still shows up when in AR. When I got closer to the object, the stepping effect went away. it only shows in the distance.
is there anyone knows why? or I better

not output from Illustrator?

Your SVG import may correspond to curves overlapping.

Check if a filled curve is not overlapping another one.

Thanks for the quick reply. No, I’ve check, there are no overlapped curves. I’ve also turned the curve into mesh already.

Its eevee?
Looks like shadow artifacts, try increase cube size setting for shadow and high bit depth:

No, I used Cycles. it looked perfect in Blender.
but after I exported the model as .fbx into Unity, the artifacts happen in Unity.

I think you reminded me I should adjust the quality settings in Unity. I think that fixed it.
Thank you.

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