Whats your favorite Star Wars Movie

Ok, so out of the six Star Wars movies they made, which is your favorite one?
My favorite is Episode six: Return Of The Jedi.

I like SW IV: New Hope.

well… i like Jedi a lot (especially the end ship-battle - i’ve always loved the X-Wings, and the Millennium Flacon, they’re my two favorites), but i don’t know which movie is my favorite… it’s one of the originals, that’s for sure

i especially like the bonuses of Episode 2 and 3 (Clones and Sith, not Empire and Jedi) :smiley: i don’t have any for the originals or Phantom Menace though… :frowning: shoot…

I think they all have their upsides and downsides.

Episode 1
Upside: Hilarious in its astonishing badness
Downside: Pretty much the whole thing

Episode 2
Upside: Suspenseful parts, seismic charges
Downside: Anakin and Padme.

Episode 3
Upside: They have to land a giant burning spaceship.
Downside: Anakin, we live in Amazing Space Land but they haven’t invented the C-section yet!

Episode 4
Upside: It’s the first one, what’s not to like?
Downside: Some really bad lines, that’s what (of course this endemic to the entire series)

Episode 5
Upside: It’s the second-best!
Downside: Dagobah is boring. Also, how did Luke find Yoda so easily?

Episode 6
Upside: Vader’s death scene
Downside: Ewoks

Holiday Special
Upside: Uh, even trying to think of an upside to this horrible thing is straining by brain…
Downside: It exists

Call me weird but I’ve never seen one of the six, or even the animated Clone Wars thingy (BTW, just a random rant, Blender could do better than that for the Clone Wars…).

you don’t like Ewoks, PlantPerson? like Hurley in Lost, lol :slight_smile:

Phantom Menace was closer to the originals than the other two, in my opinion (and i like Jar Jar, he’s a bit funny, and he walks funny, lol - and he’s a 3D character, so that’s always interesting…)

about Luke finding Yoda, i think Yoda found him… he must have known Luke was coming, maybe Obi-Wan told him - or maybe Yoda sensed him arrive… i mean, it’s Yoda! :wink: maybe Luke was also lucky/guided-by-the-force to the right area, who knows? (or maybe it just made more sense to have the character land close to the person he was looking for so as not to have film-time where Luke is just looking for Yoda, lol)

@everyone - did you know that the guy who plays Jango Fett is a Maori of New Zealand? (almost wrote Zelda instead of Zealand…haha)

edit: i haven’t seen Clone Wars either… though about the animation, i think it’s the style, and not quality of animation… ILM are pretty good with 3D anims :slight_smile: though i think WETA Digital have surpassed them now (i haven’t seen much recent ILM 3D stuff, so i can’t really say)

I like numbers 2 and 3, the original trilogy also has interesting scenes.

I pick 2 and 3 because the locations are pretty good and have a lot of action and science-fiction technology. Any reason I like movie number 1 is the podracing scenes and Jar Jar Binks (despite how hated he is)

But the locations are all 3D and not real at all…
The new ones were ok and needed to be made, but I don’t think they are nearly as good as the originals, I wish I grew up in the age of Star Wars, and been one of the first people to see them, but then if that was so, I would never have the hope of being an animator, so I guess everything works out.
Also I agree with meshweaver, Yoda found Luke with the force, I mean he is pretty powerful with it.

well, i was just saying that as a suggestion, as i have no idea how Yoda found Luke so quickly :smiley: George Lucas probably does though :wink:

but i would say there’s two possibilities: it’s either the force (Yoda, or the Force guiding Luke, or both), which makes sense, or the film-maker, which also makes sense :wink: lol

i often watch the “From Puppets to Pixels” documentary on the 2nd DVD of Epi2…i think i’ve watched it around 20 times, but i always notice something new, or a trick i can use, or something :slight_smile:

I love to watch behind the scenes of movies and video games, I have learned so much from them, you really wouldn’t think that is possible, but it is, like for the new halo game they came out with a behind the scenes for it, and I’ve watched it about five times already, and I think its only been out for two weeks maybe. lol I’m weird like that.

nah, you aren’t weird, Inferno :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe not, but I am wanting to make a live action movie with special effects soon, but I don’t really know anyone to act in it yet, so I can’t really work on it yet, in the meantime I am working on using green screen for special effects and buying filming equipment. Its been fun, and star wars has been my insperation. :slight_smile:

The only thing I like about star wars is:

*The force.
*Lightsaber battles 3 first movies. (Especially the one with darth maul, back in the day that was epic)
*The character of Obi Wan, he is a cool character.
*The music.

The things I hate about start wars is:

*The retarded alien designs.
*Anakin and padme.
*In the old movies darth vader.
*Battles in the old movies.
*All the fake looking enviroments in the new movies.
*That it has been declared geeky because of the retarded aliens and the beeping talking robots. It could be a more epic serious sciensefiction movie kinda like lord of the rings movies. But its a family movie after all, the children should be able to see it too.


Uh, science fiction = geeky, and I wasn’t aware that Lord of the Rings was science fiction. It is pretty geeky too, though.

Well, I am actually asking which is your favorite, not if you like the movies or not.

Ok, I’ll play!

the Empire Strikes Back where we get Han stepping up to be the protaganist… it’s the darkest of them all and had the greatest cliffhanger… “I am your father”… It also had the guts to end on a massive downer with Han frozen…

also the production design was good back then rather than the really bad imitations that got spun out for the prequels…

this retro fitting to make it into the fall and rise of anakin was always a bit strained…

incidentally I hear that this was the lowest grossing film in the whole series… hmmm…

I have to go with the second one as well for the reasons MichaelW gives, I am not a child of the 60’s or 70’s so I saw these movies on video for the first time and when the hype had died down. I think the first movie suffers from what I would call the Avatar effect. The special effects were so ahead of the game that people ignore the obvisous flaws(espeically the older generation). I find the first movie is about as bad as phantom menace its really camp and just unwatchable, the only person who make bearable to watch is Harrison Ford. The second one empire strikes back I have found to be so far ahead of the others it makes list of must see movies all the time.

Revenge of the sith I found to be the most dazzling in terms of its action that last light saber battle between obi wan and vader is so hyper kinetic it breaks the mold of the super slow mo fight scene rubbish that the matrix or 300 is so fond of in a nice way, at the time it came out I found it refreshing because of that. Pity the acting was so wooden I blame Lucas’s directing for this because some of his actors are really gifted and don’t typically give such aweful performances. A good director should be able to cox good performances from the likes of natalie portman, ewan or liam neeson

Yeah especially the fight between yoda and darth sidious. It runs at the same time with anakin and obi wan. (Saw the movie not so long ago). When that platform is rising and yoda sidious is fighting each other. And the music get very hectic, probably the most epic 5 seconds in a duel ever.

5 seconds of pure epicness at 3:22 in this video.

Holiday Special
Upside: Uh, even trying to think of an upside to this horrible thing is straining by brain…
Downside: It exists

Argh, I was actually stupid enough to look it up! The universe I know as Star Wars will never be the same. NOOOO!!!

yeah, the Yoda-vs-Sidious is cool… and Obi-Wan-vs-Anakin is awesome, they’re really that fast, it’s amazing…

i think i liked Palpatine’s look better before he got shocked… he looked more like the original :slight_smile: he looks plastic-ey now

edit: Empire is awesome :slight_smile: the asteroid field…