What's your New Year's resolution?

I’m a senior citizen now so my resolution is to do whatever the f#$% I want…

Oh, and to learn better character animation…

How about you?

As of now, my resolution is to go home and take a nap to add onto the 1 hour and 30 minutes sleep that i was only able to get last night.

later, my resolution would be to start getting into the habit of reading and studying my bible.

My resolution, to get better at Blender and produce something worthy of the gallery here. :slight_smile:

  1. Build a new computer

  2. Continue improving in Blender

  3. Win the lottery - then move to Australia and retire!

My Resolution is that I will never take any Resolution, because if you do so it will break one day. :smiley:

So just live the life :slight_smile:

Upgrade my computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m confident I can stick to this one.:evilgrin:

True but ive already passed my first one :smiley: (sadly its almost 1 PM!!!)

See this is why my resolution is to do what ever I want. I can never fail!

Sounds like a good idea.

My new years resolutions are the same as last year.
20481152 and 19201200

I’ve been doing 100+ pushups daily since Nov. I will try to keep doing that in 2013.

Ha! That was clever!

Mine is to get some of my stories fleshed out, and to see that some of them end up as 3d animations or stills here

I mean to say like taking resolution for more than a year or so and if you do this it will be break. Taking a resolution for just a task is as easy as I breath. But it will get hard if you have to do one thing for more than 5 Years. So try to do something like this hahahahahaha.

Using Blender 3D as my main modeller tool instead of Metasequoia.

Idem!!! Lol! + model better low poly stuff and, as Phoenix492, "2) Continue improving in Blender

  1. Win the lottery - then move to Australia and retire!" :wink:

get better at blender.
improve my drawing skills.

Same as it always is, to make many throughout the year.