What's your preferred method of cutting holes in things?

So far I’ve came across booleans, which seem ok for simple things, and I’ve recently discovered the Knife tool. I’m just wondering if there are any other ways of cutting holes cos I’m working on a project that needs a lot of holes cutting and I was hoping to learn something new. :eyebrowlift:

Booleans ftw.

My Blender crashes 99% of the time when using booleans. I don’t think I’m using them properly. I’m getting to be quite fond of the “To Sphere” method. Just got a nice result from using that a bunch of times with a subsurf modifier x3 and some nifty edge loops.

I tend to just model the holes instead of using a boolean. Like Adam80 said about nifty edge loops. I tend to use only subsurf level 2 most of the time though.