What's your time frame?

I thought it’d be an interesting discussion to ask people what they consider an ordinary/reasonable amount of time to devote to a single piece of art work. Let’s say in particular personal artwork, rather than commercial/deadlined work.

Do you complete something you think is finished enough to show people in less than an hour? Do you usually work on something for a long stretch of hours, and then consider it done when the day ends? Do you come back to it over and over again for stretches over longer periods of time? Are you in the midst of something that you plan to see through to its completion in 2050?

Also, please comment on the nature of your artwork. I’d expect animators to be working with longer timeframes than illustrators, for example…

I forgot to get it started with my own. I generally expect to spend over a month on an animated short. I don’t do much single-frame illustration that I think qualifies as “finished”.


Oh, and by the way, I don’t mean to imply that there is any kind of right answer here. Some people, for example, are interested in speed-modeling or really intuitive, fast art pieces. Some people are just naturally fast, or, on the other hand, may be really busy with other things. I’m just curious.

I’ve been working with Blender for over 18 months now and I still haven’t posted a single image to the Finished Projects forum. In fact, the only thing I think I could truly call finished was my Wu-Man entry in BWC2 and that was a bit of a deadline rush-job. I think I spent a few nights on that one (Wu-Man was made from my purple avatar guy using Sago’s original BWC caricature). Working out the composite nodes and render layers added a few nights to it too.

The next closest thing I have to “finished” is my Wu-Man animation. Everything else has been experiments with individual ideas and the slow expansion of Blender knowledge.

I may never actually finish a real, fully-personal project though I do have one small animation idea I’d like to pursue. I hope for it to run up to 5 minutes and expect it will take more than a year to “finish” if I ever start it.

Well, I’m new to Blender, but I’ve spent over three years, on and off, working on a self-generated project to restore and animate a trilobite in Lightwave and Maya. It’s unfinished still but I’ve sold some clips from it and It’s led to some possibility of a commission to do the same with a plesiosaur, which I’m intending to do in Blender if it comes through. I’m hoping that I can accomplish that one in under a month–practically instantaneous by my standards.

That surely sounds a lot more than it actually is. But since I’m a real hobbyist, I like to take all the time necessary to finish a work. I hate to rush something and therefore I often need a lot longer to finish a piece than other people. That doesn’t mean that my pieces are better than theirs, I just need more time for it. Also, I don’t really work everyday with Blender, so…
No wonder, huh? Nevertheless, once I get to working, after weeks of planning, my projects often build up well within one month, but then it needs a few weeks again to polish them and get it really done :wink:

I work now doing design for a company. As they’r not quite fan of 3d in general, I only use blender as part or initial step of the proccess.Some times renders as final result, but not often. Anything more than 20 mins with Blender(or other 3d tool) opened instead of Adobe PS makes em be a bit suspicious…

When working in games, never spent more than 2 days in a mid/low pol character, that including uv mapping(low could be a day and a half…can be done faster, but you must count on back and force with bosses). If was not main character, even in less. If was a very important charcter, or just higher res, a week and a half was…somewhat allowed.That including careful texturing though, and rigging. (I also animated, but I evaluate that apart)

I havent done a load of work with very hi res, zbrush sort of detail, but till rigged, I guess, if no other tasks to be done (as all above is counting on many side projects at a time) …I’d give me a month for doing it happily. Surely would have to do it in 3 weeks.I mean, crazy detail in modelling, texturing and rig. Usually in bigger companies, one can allow to do only an area (ie: modelling) , but i had to do it all including animation. And then start with scenery, levels, Uis, icons…Is somewhate fun changing all the time, or would be if wasnt for the insane milestones.

I finish stuff…sometimes…
the rpoblem is that most projects I start dont hol dme for too long. I just lose interest. Its not really lack of determination…I just think of something better.
Ive only posted a couple things in the Finished projects forum…stills mostly.
Im working on a game now, for a couple weeks…
Depending on the project, usually weeks, I use Blender a lot.