What's your vertical screen resolution?

In writing python scripts and GUI’s I realize there is a limited space to work with. Horizontally isn’t so much of a problem they way the windows are split by default, but vertical is. If I write an interface that’s too big physically, people won’t use the it. I’d like to get an idea of what target resolution I should be shooting for.

I use 1280 on 1024, I only go down to 1024 and/or 800 if I need to check things for a project that I work on … I could never ever work anything on an 800 / 600 screen, it just sux… 1024 my absolute minimum…


I wrote a Python GUI program once (which is not available to download, if anybody was wondering), and it is easy to have it use the “+” and “-” keys on the number pad to zoom in and out. Just multiply the location and size of the componants by a zoom value which increases/decreases with keyboard input. Therefore, if the GUI is too big/small it can easily be scaled by the user.

I use 600 for my resolution, otherwise the text gets too little to read comfortably.

why can’t you make it pan like other blender windows

personally, I run blender at 800x600 a lot [with default two split setup usually], and at 1280x1024 a lot as well [same window setup]

I always use 1024x768.

Yeah, as other people said a zooming or panning feature would work well.

I use 1152 by 864 at 32bits at all times. I once worked at 1024 by 768. I avoid 800x600, and I can’t imagine using Blender at 640x480.

Since 96% of the people who have responded have resolutions at least 768 or higher, I’ll shoot for that. Through an efficient system of tabbed pages it should turn out pretty good.

as holder of the slooooooooooow record i have worked at 640*480. its not bad. i missed the middle button more.

Well, at home on my desktop machine, I run 1024.

On my work comp, which I do all my blending on, I run 768. My work comp is also a laptop, so it’s kinda restricting that way.


Got 2 of 6 screens done pretty quickly with the Blender-Python GUI Creator.

These fit (barely) inside the default layout under 1024x768. I still need to format the text on most of the slider bars so it looks nice. Thanks for the insight.

that is really really cool - I very much like it (-:

Hey that;s nice the new fiber plugin. I’m looking forwards to these improvements. :smiley:

well with the Blender GUI i can just zoom out from the interface, so can i not do that in the python windows too.

i normally make EVERY SINGLE tab in the materials section fit horizontally across the screen. (1600 wide)

thats about 8 tabs or more. having a giant sized script would make me think Whooa. LOL

P.s. can you not make the buttons thinner verticaly, to be about 4 pixels shorter (each button)


o man! that new fiber script looks great! when will it come out?

I’m running 1280 x 1024.