wheels look like they are going backwards

they are going the right way when i use the arrow keys.
but in the video the look like they go backwords.
any ideas?


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same 2 meg file on each

this is the 2.7M blend file

Yeah, it’s called persistence of vision, and it’s perfectly normal. It happens in the real world, too. If you’re driving next to a car on a freeway and you look at their wheels, you’ll notice the same thing.

Basically, it means theyre revolving faster than the fps can show it.
IRL, the human eye can only see so many fps too, so this effect really occurs.

happens a lot in old spaghetti westerns, with the runaway stagecoach wheels looking like they are going backwards. Adjusting the spin rate of the wheel might help, slow it down or speed it up a bit, see if it looks like it’s going forward.

You are getting a sort of “strobe light” effect, since Blender only draws so many frames per second, the position of the wheel, even though it moved into that position by rotating counterclockwise, looks slightly clockwise from the previous position.

Another possibility is to model a “blurred” wheel, and use that in the motion shots.

thanks all for your help