Wheels spin right only for half of the track

Hi, my first post here.
I’m trying to create a car that goes around a track. I use driver cube (X location) for wheels (Y rotation) around a round track. As my track is round, X location changes from negative, to positive value and back. That’s the problem - I don’t know how to tell my wheel - go forward among the path.

Wheel parented to cube, cube uses object constraint -» follow path -» NurbsCircle.

Can someone help me understand the right way of rigging wheels that need to go around a track?

Aha! that old chestnut, the problem is that when the vehicle is travelling back down the deformation axis the apparent vector is negative not positive. Also, when it is travelling at right angles to the deformation axis, the wheels stop rotating altogether before reversing.

All is explained here:

Clockmender’s Blenders & More! – 6 Mar 18

Tutorial-1 Vehicles

A Quick Video: How to do this is explained on this page. Starting: I have been working on getting vehicles to behave in Blender for some time now and have finally arrived at a system that seems to …

And other tutorials on my website, This is not an easy rig to create, but well worth the effort to gt it right. There are many threads on here in the past about this also, you just need to dig out some of my old replies…

Cheers, Clock.

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Sorry for late replay! Thank you for your time - I’m on it now! Will update later!