When a scene is too complex for one person, what to do?

Hi there. I’ve been learning blender for a few months now, and I’m still quite a bit of a newbie. I’ve already looked about a bit, and discovered that you can’t import a blend file into another. So I was wondering, when several people are working on one single scene, each one working on different objects and animations, what would the best method to put the different blends together? An example would be one person works on the backgrounds and maybe static objects, another person would work on animating one character, another person on another, someone else might just be creating materials for others to use, and so on, and finally, another person just puts it all blend files together and adjusts things like the lighting, compositing, an so on. How could such a workflow be done in blender? Is it possible? Excuse me if it is silly question, but some friends and me are thinking of trying to do a short film, but we have to figure out how first. Thank you.

You can import data from blend files into others. It is the append option in the file menu. You click on that navigate to the blend file you want to import from and select what you want from it.

And there is also the option of linking in other items from scenes other people keep working at…
There are some tutorials about this out there (like i.e. http://cgcookie.com/blender/2010/07/12/tip-appending-and-linking/)

Hey! Thanks guys for such fast replies. I’ll try and get that to work. If I run into trouble I’ll be back to let you know.
I must point out that blender is a non-stop learning thing. I have spent months with it, and I feel I know only a fraction of what it is capable of.

Fantastic. Dead easy. I now realize I need an even more powerful computer to import as many animated objects I need in a single scene :wink:
Thank you very much for your help.